Vegan Guide to Melbourne

Going on holiday as a vegan can often be a tricky experience. In many countries it can be difficult to find places to eat that cater to a vegan diet. Not so in Melbourne, VIC! Melbourne is a vegan paradise, with many many 100% vegan restaurants and cafes, and a huge variety of vegan products available for those who like to prepare their own meals. In this blog post I will share some of the places we ate when we went on holiday to Melbourne recently, and what you can expect from this exciting city!

Where to Eat

There is an abundance of places to eat if you are a vegan in Melbourne. Here are a few of the places we visited and loved.

  1. Smith and Daughters – this trendy restaurant in Fitzroy is always buzzing, and for good reason. The food is divine, and you’d hardly know it was 100% plant-based. Take your omnivore friends here and blow their minds! If you can’t decide what to order (believe me, it’s not an easy decision), they will bring you a selection of the very best so you can taste everything. And make sure to leave room for dessert… I’m still swooning over their mandarin chocolate torte!
  2. Union Kiosk – barely more than the size of a shoebox, this tiny central Melbourne booth sells hot drinks, sweet treats, and what Aussies call “jaffles”. And no, they’re not related to jaffas; they are in fact toasted sandwiches. There’s a good flavour selection to choose from, including bolognese, barbecue “chicken”, mushroom and basil, and the classic avocado, vegemite and cheese. At a very reasonable $8 a jaffle, they are an affordable and convenient place to eat if you’re in town. Their sweet Vego Bar jaffle is a must-try too!
  3. Red Sparrow – ever looked at a pizza menu and been disappointed by the lack of vegan options? At Red Sparrow you can forget your troubles, as everything on the menu is vegan. Yes, that’s right – a completely vegan pizzeria! This place is a must-visit, with a huge range of pizzas, as well as deep fried “Mars Bars” and other delicious treats.
  4. The Vegan Shack – Richmond is where you will find this charming café. Step inside and you will be transported to a warm, tropical island where all the food is vegan. Apart from the delightful décor, the food is delicious, and possibly the most beautifully presented food we have ever seen. Afterwards take a trip to the Botanic Gardens, which are a mere 15 minute walk away.
  5. Weirdoughs – You have likely had vegan pastries before, but not like this! Weirdoughs are a 100% vegan bakery that sell savoury and sweet croissants unlike anything you’ve seen. Try one of their epic savoury croissants, or go for the “Notella Me What to Do!” and live your sweet, chocolatey, cookie dough, pastry dreams. They also do an intriguing cubic croissant for those feeling particularly adventurous…
  6. Girls and Boys – ICE CREAM! Get your frozen treat fix from this fully vegan ice cream parlour… they have several flavours of delicious ice cream, as well as “magnoms” and ice cream sundaes. Yuummmm!
  7. Supermarkets – yes, that’s right, the humble supermarket. Sorry to say, but Australia has a much bigger range of vegan products than we do here in NZ. From vegan cheeses including your usual cheddars and mozzarellas, as well as the coveted halloumi, to fresh vegan ravioli, gnocchi, yoghurts, and ice creams, there’s something for everything.
  8. The Cruelty Free Shop – Located in Fitzroy, the local vegan supermarket has absolutely everything you could ever wish for. Vegan camembert? Check. Vegan sausages? Check? Vegan leather bags? Check. Not to mention the endless chocolate, pre-made meals, the three fridges of different cheeses, mock meats and personal care products… you’d need never shop anywhere else ever again! And you can buy your Edgar’s Mission merchandise here too!
  9. Shout-outs – there’s an endless number of vegan eateries in Melbourne, too many to list in detail. Here are some others – some we visited and others we didn’t get to: Sister of Soul, Woking Amazing, Vegie Bar, Transformer, Smith and Deli, Yong Green Food, and lots more. And many non-vegan eateries will cater to vegans without batting an eyelid.


So there you have it! Besides the excellent vegan fare on offer, Melbourne is just a very cool city. There’s plenty to do, and you’ll love wandering the tiny laneways and finding the hidden street art along the way. The central city is quite condensed, which makes walking everywhere easy, and if you have to get out of town there’s a good public transport service with busses, trains and trams taking you where you need to go. So if you’re planning a trip to Melbourne – enjoy! And if you’re looking for a place to visit for a holiday, we definitely recommend Melbourne as a fun, vegan friendly place to go.